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Soha Murad: rising Egyptian designer’s journey to success

Today, a large number of females are pursuing their own passions and breaking free from traditional work routines. More than ever, females are currently using their unique talents to shape their own career paths, all while doing what they love and what they are passionate about. The Egyptian fashion design arena is evolving now more …

Nihal Samir

By the Sea, MEFF 3 brings regional fashion talent to beach

For the third year in a row, a combination of fashion experts from around the region came together for a glamorous day. From the Levant all the way to Morocco, they all fluently parleyed with fabrics and embroidery. In order to truly celebrate the warmer season ahead, the Middle East Fashion Festival (MEFF) brought a …

Daily News Egypt

Egyptian woman animates cultures through handmade designs   

Style, in both the east and the west, is a way to express who you are without speaking. Style encompasses everything we wear. Together, with the influence of fashion and jewellery, costumes fulfil many of our aesthetic dreams and are a worthy medium for human creative expressions reflecting a culture and its social growth. Fashion …

Nihal Samir

Kojak works with female artisans to explore gypsy life

With the political and economic turmoil taking over the Middle East, creative industries such as fashion are deemed to embrace more socially-constructive approaches sooner rather than later. While beautiful clothes are often the focal point of any fashion house on the rise, regional and local talents are currently more focused on garments which deliver eloquent …

Nayera Yasser

Modern Nomad: visual journey around Egypt

When social media has the ability to bring the absolute east to meet the west as well as transport one event from either sides of the world to the other in a heartbeat, it takes a real adventurer to travel, roam and explore reality without using a gadget. Over the extent of 1m kms, a …

Nayera Yasser

Waad Nizamy: master of colourful intricacy

With the fast pace of the contemporary world, handmade products are hard to appreciate and even harder to find. In today’s world, factories produce thousands of soulless replicas in a matter of hours before invading the world with uniformity. While authenticity is often praised on social media, genuine leather is currently a luxury that many …

Daily News Egypt

Jayda Hany on being a woman in a male-dominated industry

After years of a single-sided love affair with the fashion industry, five years of studying architecture, and numerous weeks in London College of Fashion’s footwear workshop, Jayda Hany finally walked one morning into a Cairene factory in order to put together her first collection. Her elaborate sketches and detailed breakdown were met with bewildered silence. …

Nayera Yasser

Spring Affair Fashion Brunch initiates new season in style

Just when the warm winds of May started to take hold in the capital, the connoisseurs of fashion put on their high heels and tapped into the direction of Zamalek to celebrate the new season. Fashion Funds has decided to venture into the floral allure of spring with a colorful fourth edition of its regular …

Nayera Yasser

The Sahara Collection saves paws

Stray animals are a staple element of the bustling streets of Cairo. A pack of dogs could casually be seen around every corner, while the rare shade of trees is often shared by several furry friends. On the other hand, the quality and comfort of local cotton has always made it the perfect candidate for …

Daily News Egypt