Signify to install Li-Fi technology in Egypt within upcoming 3 years

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Signify, previously Philips Lighting, considers Egypt as an important regional hub to increase its exports to North and East Africa in the company’s growth plans for 2019. The company won a deal to install its smart lighting systems at five stadiums in Egypt where the African Cup of Nations 2019 will be held.

The company’s revenues were EGP 700m during last year, and it targets to reach EGP 1bn in 2019.  Recently, Signify partnered with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities in order to illuminate Cairo’s Mohamed Ali Palace with more than 600 LED lamps, as well as 80 flood lights and up lights, as a part of a series of projects to install low-energy LED lighting systems in a number of cultural and heritage sites and public facilities in Egypt, including the Egyptian Museum in central Cairo, the Baron Palace, and the Cairo Opera House.

Mohamed Abo El-Azayem, the general manager of Egypt and East Africa at Signify, told Daily News Egypt that he expects the instalment of Li-Fi technology in the country to be carried out within the upcoming three years. The technology turns light bulbs into an internet transmitter as traditional Wi-Fi networks struggle to cope with demand.

According to Abo El-Azayem, there are some “normal” challenges which face installing the technology, such as the cost which is still high, in addition to the ongoing researches on Li-Fi in order to improve its features and properties. He believes that once the cost is reduced, the installing of it in a country such as Egypt will begin, some firms started to use Li-Fi in their internal network.

Moreover, Abo El-Azayem highlighted that there is a current growing demand for the products which save power and reduce the electricity bills for businesses or individuals, therefore the company is focusing on manufacturing its products to consume less energy.

“In smart homes, we have taken into consideration the internet of things, so that customers have an easier way to manage their usage of energy in houses. We also have some clients who request these services to be installed in the projects,” he added.

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